The school will assist graduates efforts to secure employment in the program completed or related field that includes personal appearance guidelines, job referrals and follow up. We will assist all graduates who request placement assistance, without cost to the graduate or employer, by posting job openings on the student bulletin board. The school, however, does not guarantee employment.


  • Cost to the students when purchased from the school. The kit will be paid before tuition is paid.
  • Note: The student has the option of purchasing the kit items from a local beauty supply store.
Time added to contract for vacation, illness, and personal business; included holidays;
** 1 1/2 Month ** 2 Weeks ** 3 Weeks

NOTE: When student enrolled under a Vocational Contract, upon Graduation from High School, any remaining hours student will then sign a Contract at current Tuition Rate for remaining hours. The Registration Fee will be Waved.

If the student has not completed attendance requirements by the ending date as described above, an additional charge per week will be payable until the hours are completed

Cancellation And Settlement

The enrollment agreement, if accepted by the school, becomes an agreement which states all the conditions of enrollment and is not subject to alteration or cancellation except as follows:

(A) An applicant not accepted for training by the school shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid.

(B) If a student (or in the case of student under legal age, his/her parent or guardian) cancels his/her enrolment and requests his/her money back in writing, within three business days of signing of an enrollment agreement or contract, all monies collected by the school shall be refunded. The postmark on written notification will determine the cancellation date or the date said information is delivered to the school administrator in person. This policy applies regardless of whether or not the student has actually started training.

(C) If a student cancels his/her enrollment after the three business days after signing but prior to entering classes, he/she shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid to the school less a registration fee of $175.00 for the cosmetology, manicuring, and instruction course.,

(D) for students who enroll in and begin classes, the following schedule of tuition adjustment will be considered to meet minimum standards.
Percentage of Attendance Time to Total Time of Course
Percent of Total Tuition Refunde
Percent of Total Tuition School Receives or Retains
If termination occurs before classes Commence....
$175.00 Registration Fee See Above
0.01% to 4.9%
5% to 9.9%
10% to 14.9%
15% to 24.9%
25% to 49.9%
50% and over
No Refund
The school reserves the right to suspend any student whose tuition payments are in arrears until the payments are current according to this contract. All tuition must be paid in full by time the student accrues these clock hours.

Pertaining to Rule 39 of the State Board of Cosmetology it is reasonable for a school to withhold the release of a transcript or state board examination of a student when unpaid fees of tuition to the school is due. Unless under justifiable circumstances the Department will no longer process a certification of hours for a student who cannot get their hours from an existing school if they are delinquent in their payment.
(E) Enrollment time is defined as the time elapsed between the actual starting date and the date of the student's last day of physical attendance in the school. Any monies due the applicant or student shall be refunded within 30 days of formal cancellation by the student as defined in item (B), or formal termination by the school, which shall occur no more then 30 days from the last day of physical attendance, or in the case of a leave of absence. Students who do not return from a leave of absence, the last of leave is used as the termination date. Withdrawal of a student on a leave of absence shall be the earlier of the date of expiration of the leave of absence or the date the student notifies the institution that the student will not be returning.

(F), A list of, and cost to the student, of required kit, equipment, books and supplies is listed in the published catalogue. The kit may be purchased either from the school or from a retail beauty supply house. The cost of the kit and supplies (except as stated in A, B and C above) is non-refundable, and is not included in the tuition adjustment compulations. These items become the property of the student when issued; but shall remain in the school until the students completes the course or terminates, and until paid. Any lost equipment must be replaced at the students' own expense. Students who terminate prior to course completion will lose the non-refundable $175.00 registration fee and will be charged a $100.00 termination fee.

(G) If a school is permanently closed and no longer offering instruction after a student has enrolled, the student shall be entitled to a refund.

(H) If a course is canceled subsequent to a student's enrollment, and before instruction in the course has begun the school shall at its option: provide a full refund of all monies paid; or provide completion of the course.

(I) If the student is receiving Title IV Funds and training has begun when the course is canceled the school shall calculate a Return of Title IV using R2T4 Refund Policy. All other refunds will be calculated using the Institution Schedule (NACCAS).SAMPLE REFUND CALCULATIONS & DISTRIBUTIONS are printed in the schools CONSUMERS INFORMATION BOOKLET distributed to all students.