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Policies & Procedures


New Years, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, And Christmas, contingent upon what day of the week a holiday falls, the school may be closed for that holiday and the day following.


This institution and its admission, instruction, and graduation policies, practice no discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, sex, age, or ethnic origin.


If the school is closed for unexpected reasons such as inclement weather that information shall be announced on the radio station whose call letters are posted on the student bulletin board.


Academic, career and individual referral advising are provided to attending students. A student is referred to a local counseling center (Listening Ear Crisis Center @ 989-772-2918). A student who is referred, a written documentation is kept in the students file.


An eligible student or parents/guardian of a minor student has a right to: Inspect and review. the student's educational record, request an amendment to ensure the record is not inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise in violation of the students privacy or other rights.

Consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in the student's educational records, information will only be released to a third party upon the written consent of the eligible student or parent/guardian, except to the extent that FERP A and the regulations authorize disclosure without consent. The school provides access to student and other school records as required for any accreditation process initiated by the school or by NACCAS. File a complaint with the U.S. Dept of ED concerning alleged failure by the school to comply with FERP A requirements.

A copy of the school FERPA policy is on file in each school manager's office, where it can be reviewed and inspected, or a copy can be obtained by requesting in writing to the school's administrative office (address listed in this catalogue). * By appointment at a mutually agreed upon time.


Students are furnished a written progress report six times during the course from the staff member during the junior and senior levels of study in both the theory and in practical work. Students must maintain an 85% average theory Grade. 95% - 100% = excellent, 85% - 94 % = passing, below 85 % = failure. Students are given their theory grades as they are tested on each unit. Students must complete minimum practical applications (MPA'S) according to the MPA schedule, and will receive credit when 75% of the criteria have been met. S= satisfactory (all criteria met) N=needs improvement (75% of criteria met) Number of attempts is noted.


A full time student can attend an average of 30 hours a week and still graduate by the ending date of the contract. Excused absences will be given for illness or pre-arranged vacations.

Students are required to call in if they are going to be tardy or absent. When the students absence exceed one week with out notice, the manager will try to contact by phone or send a letter notifying the student that they will be dropped after two consecutive weeks with out a written leave of absence.A verbal leave of absence will not be accepted. A student must fill out the written leave of absence and must be approved by the manager. Following ill absences a physician's verification is required. When the student's absence exceeds that average for two successive two-week periods the student will be warned in writing. If within the next two-week period the absences exceed the average the student may be suspended for one week subject to confirmation by state board. Saturday attendance is required except for pre-arranged vacation, or illness verified by a physician. Anytime the student accrues more than four unexcused Saturday absences s/he will be suspended for one week. Suspensions will not extend the length of the contract. A student returning from a leave of absence is responsible for making up any work according to the MP A schedule. Management has the right to make exceptions to this policy.


Cosmetology is a clock hour course, and each hour must be used for meaningful learning activities. Students must attend all scheduled theory and demonstration classes, and bring pencil, paper, and text to class. Students must sign and clock in each morning; for lunch and breaks; and when leaving for the day. Students are not allowed to leave the classroom without permission. Free time between patrons will be used for studying only materials related to cosmetology or mannequin practice. Students not using optional time productively will be required to sign and wand out. The student lounge is to be used only by students signed out on break or lunch. Students signing and clocking in tardy after role call must sign in at the next quarter hour and will not enter the clinic or classroom until that sign in time. When the student has been tardy 3 times a written warning will be issued. The student will be suspended if the tardiness continues. The student and/or her (his) parent or guardian hereby give the school permission to call upon a physician or dentist and/or to refer the student to same for medical/dental assistance in the event of sudden illness or accident. It is understood and agreed that any expense incurred will be the sole responsibility of the student.


The student agrees to abide by the school rules, regulation, and dress code provisions in the published catalogue; regulations of the State Board of Cosmetology; to attend all classes regularly and promptly except for sufficient reasons. The student agrees to park in the designated parking area. The student shall not remove school property from the premises without written permission. A student shall not use profanity, nor be insubordinate or disrespectful of staff members, other students, or clientele. The school reserves the right to terminate any student whose conduct reflects discredit on the professional and I ethical standards of the school and/or the State Board.


The student and/or his/her parent or guardian hereby gives the school permission to call upon a physician or dentist and/or refer the student to same for medical/dental assistance in the event of sudden illness or accident. It is understood and agreed that any expense incurred will be the sole responsibility of the student and/or his/her parent or guardian.